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  • KoolMoves/KoolShow Tutorial Part 1 (Adding Objects to the Stage) tutorial part 1
  • KoolMoves/KoolShow Tutorial Part 2 (Key Frames and Timeline) tutorial part 2
  • KoolMoves/KoolShow Tutorial Part 3 (Shape Morphing) tutorial part 3
  • KoolMoves/KoolShow Tutorial Part 4 (Masking and Html5 Export) tutorial part 4
  • Docking Panes docking panes tutorial
  • Understanding Frames and Tweens by Propeller Head Graphix
  • Adjusting Animation Speed by Propeller Head Graphix
  • Convert Swf to Html5 convert swf to html5
  • Koolshow/Koolmoves tutorials Youtube channel
  • Broad Overview (.1 MB)
  • Simple Animation (.1 MB) with Step-By-Step Explanation (.3 MB)
  • Basic Tasks (.8 MB)
  • Toolbars and Data Views (1 MB)
  • Drawing (.6 MB)


Adding Html5 to Web Page

  • Add Html5 to a web page
  • Add Html5 to a WordPress page using an iframe

Adding Flash to Web Page

  • Responsive Flash movies responsive Flash movies
  • Application to fix web page(s) to eliminate IE "click to activate control" message
  • Using KoolMoves with FrontPage by The Crate Diseño Web
  • Using KoolMoves with CoolPage by The Crate Diseño Web
  • Using KoolMoves with NetObjects Fusion by FusionMagic
  • Using KoolMoves with Dreamweaver
  • Using KoolMoves with Yahoo Site Builder
  • Using KoolMoves with Homestead
  • Position Animation on Web Page by Propeller Head Graphix
  • Transparent Background by Propeller Head Graphix
  • iFrames by Necromanthus

Help Manuals

  • KoolMoves Help (converted from Html Help, requires Acrobat reader)
  • KoolMoves User Guide for Filter Effects by Peter Herbrick (.6 MB, requires Acrobat reader)
  • KoolMoves User Guide for Blend Mode Effects by Peter Herbrick (.7 MB, requires Acrobat reader)

Adding a Preloader

  • Adding a Preloader by Propeller Head Graphix
  • Preloader by Necromanthus

Movie Clips

  • Understanding Movie Clips by Propeller Head Graphix


  • Simple Text Mouse-Over by Propeller Head Graphix
  • Simple Shape Mouse-Over by Propeller Head Graphix

Dynamic Text

  • Importing Text by Propeller Head Graphix
  • Load Html by Necromanthus
  • Scroll Bar by Necromanthus
  • Scroll Bar 2 by Necromanthus

AS1/AS3 Components

  • Embedded FLV Video by Wilbert Brants
  • Image Thumbnails by Wilbert Brants

AS1 Action Script

  • MP3 Player by Necromanthus
  • 3D Math by Necromanthus
  • 3D Rendering by Necromanthus
  • 3D Rotation by Necromanthus
  • Clock by Necromanthus
  • Simple Action-Scripted Clock by Propeller Head Graphix
  • Load Image by Necromanthus

AS3 Action Script

  • Load a swf from a button action
  • Setting chroma key of an imported Flv movie

Necro 3D AS3 Examples

  • OBJ Loader and Viewer
  • 3D Model Viewer
  • Bump Mapping
  • Monster
  • Skybox
  • Terra 3D


  • Example Files (2.8 MB)


  • PayPal Shopping Cart by Necromanthus
  • Keeping Audio in Sync with Movie Animation by Necromanthus
  • Method to access a certain frame or function inside a SWF using an Url by Necromanthus
  • XML Menu by Necromanthus
  • FLV Controller by Necromanthus
  • Tracing an Image by Necromanthus
  • Image Fills by Propeller Head Graphix
  • Rounded Corners by Propeller Head Graphix

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