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With the decline in operarting system and browser support for Flash movies (swf file format), there is a need to understand how to convert existing Flash movies into the new animation standard which is Html5. The main obstacle in converting a Swf file into Html5 is that Flash functionality far exceeds native Html5 functionality. Flash supports frames, position morphing, vector shape morphing, motion paths, components, movie clips, filter/blend effects on movie clips, buttons with button state actions and sounds, masking, and action scripting which can interact with elements like dynamic text and movie clips. Native Html5 doesn't support any of this functionality. There are javascript libraries which provide piecemeal some of this functionality but not in an integrated package like Flash.

This article gives a good overview of methods for conversion and the problems involved:

If your Flash movie is simple (text, images, and shapes with basic morphing), the conversion process has a high likelihood of success. If there is action script in the movie, the likelihood of a successful conversion is much less. Other approaches are to convert the Flash movie to an animated gif or an AVI movie. This only makes sense if the Flash movie is not interactive (doesn't contain buttons or links).

Converting a Swf file to Html5, animated Gif or Avi begins in KoolMoves with importing the file in three steps. It is important that the Gui style (upper right) be set to Flash Advanced or Cartooning in KoolMoves.

advanced gui style

Select the Import menu item under File menu bar.

file import

Select Flash movie (.swf).

import swf

Select import as an object or as an editable movie.

import swf as

If you import as an object, you can't edit the Flash movie but you can use File > Export/Publish Movie > As Animated GIF using ImageMagick or As AVI/MP4 Movie to convert the Flash movie object into a non-interactive movie.

If you import as an editable movie, KoolMoves will pull as much out of the swf as it can. The individual objects and frames extracted from the Flash movie can then be edited within KoolMoves. Most likely some aspects of the movie will be missing. If you want to export as Html5, change the Gui style (upper right) to Html5.

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